Hello. I just swapped out my 5 speed for a 6 speed.

The transmission has 42xxx miles on it. It has been BABIED the entire time I have had it. Fluids changed around 15k in tranny and rear diff at 15k and around 36k. NEVER been raced...whether drag raced, autocross, rallycross, tracked....nothing. Spirited driving is it. Even then I shift slow, rev match and let the RPMs come down before getting back into the throttle. I do not exaggerate when I say that I have babied this transmission

Full shifter bushings and short shifter have been used since about 5k.

Available parts include:

- 06 WRX Tranny, 3.70 Final Drive
- Rear Diff, 3.70 Gear Ratio
- WRX Driveshaft
- Clutch, pressure plate and Flywheel
- Clutch Slave cylinder
- OEM clutch hose, or custom Goodridge coated stainless line. (had to be made custom, as 06-07 clutch line is about 6 inches longer)
- Clutch Fork
- OEM Shifter assembly
- Tranny Crossmember
- Group-N Tranny Mount

Available soon
- Front Axles
- Front Hubs
- Rear Axles
- Rear Hubs
- Rear 2 pot brakes with Centric/Stoptech slotted rotors and Porterfield R4S pads...good life remaining

Shipping is possible...please PM me. I will deliver to Central CA for the cost of gas and a couple stops at In-N-Out, which should only be around $100-$120. Way cheaper, and way faster then shipping freight!!

$1150 Shipped for Bare Tranny

$1500 shipped Tranny, Diff, Driveline, Shifter, Clutch/Flywheel, Front Axle package

$1800 shipped Full package with axles, hubs, rear brakes

I have a set of front Brembos that I would throw in for $600 if anyone is interested. Rotors and pads are included.