SO I picked up a whole set of Brembo calipers/pads/rotors, but I only need the rears. 5x114 rotors are included. Both have a good amount of life left.

In addition, I happen to have picked up some 5x100 rotors several months ago. So, you can get these for whatever hubs you are running.

The calipers have seem some use, but they appear to be functional. They could use a good cleaning, lube, and reassembly. Perfect canidate for repainting or powder coating.

$650 + shipping.

Shipping should be OK for the calipers. Rotors will depend on whether I can get USPS to let me throw them into a flat rate box If you are interested, PM and I will go check it out.

5x110 Rotors

5x114 Rotors