Hello, I'm selling my full Bride interior.

I have a fully authentic Gias driver's seat and a Stadia passenger seat in Hyperblack gradiation for sale. Both seats are pretty much identical, but the Gias has a higher thigh bolster. The Stradia is more passenger friendly. These seats are in excellent condition as they've only been in the car for around 5 months. These seats hold you in like crazy. No more hanging onto the steering wheel like your life depended on it or bracing yourself against the door panel with your knee. They MSRP for $1725 each without rails, I'm looking for $3200 OBO with rails shipped. This is an awesome deal as I waited nearly 6 months for these seats, while you can have them in about a week.

I also have a full Bride Hyperblack gradiation interior for sale. The work was done with real Bride hyperblack fabric by Alex over at 10th street JDM. For 4 door panels and a rear seat I'm asking $1,200 OBO + your stock back seat. You should easily be able to sell your stock interior and make at least half of your money back.

I also have a stock blue STi carpet with 40K miles on it. $100 shipped


Please PM me with questions or offers. I'll also cut you a discount if you buy the whole interior. I also have authentic Bride paperwork if you have any doubts.