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This is a discussion on Anybody have a 2002 or 03 wrx sedan?? within the Personal For Sale & Wanted forums, part of the Marketplace category; I bought an '02 WRX three years ago. It had 70,000 miles, and I've put 25,000 more on it. I ...

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    I bought an '02 WRX three years ago. It had 70,000 miles, and I've put 25,000 more on it. I have never had a problem. I have replaced the belts once and tires once, which is not unusual for any car. Its a fun car with decent gas mileage, and its great in every weather condition as well. When testing a car be sure to drive in at low RPM's as well as high. Listen to the engine and body to make sure they are not making funky noises. I would definately give the WRX two thumbs up.

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    i bought my srp wrx about two months ago and i love it!!!! i live in coloraod so i needed a awd car and my mustang just wasnt cuttin it.......i like the wrx cause its 4 doors, standerd awd, and has a exhaust note that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. it had 74,xxx miles and only had a set of aftermarket wheels. there are quick little cars and get pretty decent gas milage. i have beat a 3000gt-tt but thats all i have raced. the only thing i have had to replace in the clutch and radiator. the radiators are pretty commen to go out around 80,000 mile. here is a like to a web site thatmight help you out.

    Flatirons Tuning Project Car

    this place helped me out alot when i was in the process of getting one. also i recommed getting a manual!!!! i had a auto mustang and hated it!!!! plus it will be easier to re-sell. well i hope my 2cents helped. shawn

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    i bought my wrx w 93000 on it for $6500. it has been so much fun. put 49000 miles on it so far. had to replace radiator, slave cylinder, clutch line, and the 02 sensor. all together i only spent $550 on all that because i shopped around and did the work myself. Im very happy with the car but i now wish i had just saved longer and got the sti but im sure w mods that feeling could go away. like everyone has said just dont be in a hurry and really check the car out. really fun car though. and they do feel good at high speeds i have only been to 147ish not sure exact speed but it felt good.
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    I bought an 03 about a year and a half ago. I have put about 18k on it so far. I did timing belt, half shafts (wasn't needed...part of shoddy troubleshooting), and a center dif (1100 from subaru). All in all it cost ~15k or so. It is stage 2 and I have to say I love it. Still original clutch with no slipping. I will be needing rotors soon. I don't really think it cost any more and probably less than other awd alternatives to maintain.

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