I have a set of Version 3 JIC Flta2's that have seen many miles (I don't know an exact # cuz I bought the car used). They are by no means in great condition but they do work. The guys at JIC took a look at some photos and believe that someone may have done a little ghetto style re-valving on the front dampeners and likely all the nitrogen has been released. The service and rebuild with shipping would have cost more than a whole new set.

The camber plates/bolts work fine and are not rusted
The pillow balls rotate without problem
The rear dampeners work
No squeaks that I know of
All the spring seats and locks are fine (asides from some dirt)
And they WILL make your car ride like a stage-coach in there current condition

I don't really expect much at all for these (or any of the parts) I just wanted to put the offer out there before they find a home in the dump or turn into a really goofy looking coffee table (JK). So if your interested I am talking cheap cheap. Riverside locals preferred unless you really want me to ship them.