Dear Members,
There are many ways to post your items for sale online. One of the safest ways and the most effective ways of selling a used part of even a vehicle online is through eBay and eBay Motors. While most of the local sales can be posted directly on our site, you are encouraged to post your for sale
items using eBay and then add a “for sale” post that includes the information as well as the link to your auction.

Posting an item on eBay is easy. All you have to do is register for an account and the rest of it is just following simple instructions and filling in forms. You can get the parts that have been taking up space in your garage, and you can reach a national audience who is willing to pay for the freight charges that you specific. This will allow you to get a fair market value for what you’re selling. If you want to get rid of the parts that you no longer need, you can set the auction with low or no reserve. On the other hand, if you feel that the product is worth $X, you can always specify a reserve so if the product doesn’t meet the reserve, you’re not obligated to sell it.

To drive some more members to ClubWRX you can include a hypertext URL back to our site, stating that you’re a member of ClubWRX, showing your screen name, and even linking the auction back to the for-sale post will give you credibility, and introduce other WRX enthusiasts to our site.

For example:“I’m a member of <A href=> </a>. You can see some Q&A regarding this auction <a href=URL OF YOUR POST>here</a>.”

If this is an ebay Item for sale, please post it in the personal for sale and follow the personal for sale rules by adding the state code in front of your post and add (eBAY) in the link. This will let users know that your item is on eBay. This implies that you will ship the item and gain interests from ClubWRX members who are not in your area.

Example: CA: OEM WRX rims for sale (eBay Auction Ends (10/10/200x)

See how easy that is? eBay also offers buyer protection programs so you’re guaranteed a safe and secure transaction. You can also choose how you would like to accept your payments.
To get started

1. Create an account if you don’t already have one.
2. Consider creating a PayPal Account
3. Post your items on eBay (and post a link of ClubWRX!)
4. Post the link to eBay on ClubWRX’s For Sale forum!