Located in Portland, OR.

I am in desperate need to sell this, I am leaving the country for work soon.

CLEAN title! No accident history, no paint work, all matching vins.

I am selling my 2004 WRX STI, Motor is stock except for a Perrin BOV that is set up to recirculate so there is no surge that the STI is notorious for. The car has new brakes, good tires, and is in almost perfect shape, a few MINOR scratches, no dents or other damage. All the car needs is a new driver.
Please have money lined up, test drives are ok as long as you’re responsible about it.

Has 53k right now, car is Silver “Platinum Silver metallic”:

Add ons:
Viper Alarm w/keyless entry, hood pin and trunk pin $575
JVC deck: $225
Eclispe Amp to run speakers: $300
CPT Componet Speaker: $350
Clear Bra, entire front, hood scoop, doors all handles: $899
Tinted windows: $350
Swapper front hubs, axles, boots etc, from 05 STI (MUCH stronger) also makes the wheels 5x114.3, more wheel and tire options $1100
New Exedy Organic clutch and lightened flywheel,
old one was getting kind of soft and I like a little firmer feel: $1250

The car book for $20,560 in good condition plus $5049=$25,609

I willing to take offers but I am asking $21,500.


I have great feedback on supraforums.com and evolutionm.net