I am selling this catback now. It is a turboxs midpipe welded on a prodrive round tip axleback. This will only work with someone who has a turboxs downpipe and turboxs cat/race pipe. The combo sounds amazing. Not really loud and doesn't drown at all. Here is the price for everything new:

Turboxs midpipe: $140
Prodrive axleback: $400
Welding and 3" to 2.5" adapter pipe: $100

Total New: $640

I'll sell it for $500. Once you sell your midpipe and the axleback you had you will be far under the price for just the prodrive axleback. And mine is only 3 months old (bought new from oakos). If you have a turboxs system and always wanted a prodrive this is your chance. I've already done the work for you.