Hey guys, I'm proposing a run for one of those days. Thats either a tuesday or a wednesday. I'm putting it out early so people have enough time. This will be an all day run, but awesome. I'm proposing an 89 run from wickenburg to flagstaff, BUT, a really neat photo op to end it.

We'll meet up at either 8am or 9am at the chevron gas station at West point parkway and Bell rd, right near grand and bell. From there, we'll drive out to wickenburg, and head up the 89. We'll travel through yarnell, prescott, through the mountains into Jerome. We can have lunch in jerome if we want. From there, we'll take the 89 through cottonwood and up into Sedona. From there, we'll continue up to flagstaff. We'll hop on the I40 and get off on 64, taking it north. We'll be on there for a few minutes and end up at the Red Butte Airfield. This was the original Grand Canyon airfield back in the day. It's abandoned now, but would make for an amazing photo op. The road to get there is dirt, but we shouldn't have any problems. Once done, we can take the 40 to the I17 and head back to phoenix. Who's in?

Red Butte Airfield (Grand Canyon Airport), Arizona - Ghost Towns of Arizona and Surrounding States