Hey everybody,

I don't post on here very much, I'm basically a lurker, but I've been around here and NASIOC for a while. I'm a full time graphic designer and part time photographer from Massillon, Ohio. If you aren't familiar, Massillon is 5 minutes west of Canton and about 30 minutes south of Akron.

The reason I'm posting is because I've been itching for a photoshoot for a while and I have, what I think to be, a great idea. If the interest is there I want to plan a huge photoshoot that is free of charge, but donations will be accepted and all proceeds will go to the Make A Wish Foundation in Cleveland. I'm not just going to limit this shoot to Subaru's because I'd like to raise as much money as possible but of course I'd rather see all of you there than anyone else!

The location isn't set in stone yet but there is a gravel pit located here in Massillon that I think I could get permission to use for a day when they aren't open, most likely Saturday. Basically, there will be myself and two other photographers that will be taking pictures. There will be 3 different "locations" that you can choose from around the gravel pit (or wherever this ends up taking place) for different backdrops and styles of pictures. Also all of the photographers that will be there have different styles of shooting so I will post our portfolios for you to look at to make your decision.

After the photoshoot I would like for everyone to cruise up to Quaker Steak in Canton, right off of 77, for hang outs and eats.

SO basically I would like to hear from you guys if you would be interested in this and if so I'll try to get the ball rolling. Let me know and hopefully I'll see you all soon!

Oh, and my portfolio is at www.chrisammondphoto.com if you want to check it out. I don't have any automotive photography on there though, mostly portraits.