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    Enjoying the ride....

    For the past 3 years I have been pondering whether or not to get a WRX. Mainly visiting this forum just to read about and envy all you WRX owners. I figure I'd wait for a used one - then bam the STi comes out. After reading about it I knew I was going to get a STi now. Still I waited, since there was a good markup initially and I could not afford it really. So again I waited, allowing myself to save up a decent down payment. Now about a year later I finally started shopping for one. I liked silver, but the new color for '05 got my attention.

    Now for the last two months I have been a happy commuter with my '05 Crystal Gray STi - finally! I already have over 6000 miles keeping it under 4k rpm for the first 1K miles (most of time). Two oil changes so far with regular dino oil at the dealer - I plan to switch to synthetic at 12,000.

    Let me say, this car is a fun car. I love the sound of the engine when I'm traveling at 65mph and downshift into 4th gear - I even turn down the stereo so I hear the turbo spin. Then there's this S-turn on ramp to the 710 freeway that suddenly became interesting when driving the STi. What makes this car so fun is that it's the fastest stock car I have ever owned, its the first AWD car (besides an SUV) I drove, and it's a great looking car. I do like the rear spoiler, combined with the fender flares it reminds me of my friend's dad's E30 M3 in the late 80's when I was a kid - oh how we awed that ride. However, I feel that the 'skyline GTR' wing has been put on the all ranges of rides. I've seen some major POS's w/ them installed. With that in mind, the wing generates a stereotype identity to other drivers & cops on the road unfortunately. Anyway, there many threads on that already - and the wing has grown on me and I do not want to remove it.

    Just 2 questions for the board:

    1. I've read here that BOV's aren't really necessary and that some have opted to remove the silencer from the stock one. Can someone reply on how or a thread that explains such?

    2. Reading about paint for newer cars these days, is it worth it to get a rockblocker / clear bra for about $260 or just use touch up paint? (so far so good on my front end *knock on wood*)

    Thanks for reading my long-winded post,


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    Sounds like you are having lots of fun w/your new ride! Congrats..man! Do a search on that BOV...its been discussed here...thousands of times, I'm sure your find the answer your looking for.

    Welcome to the club...enjoy
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