Need More Power with little cash
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This is a discussion on Need More Power with little cash within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; undefine Ok i am looking for whp with out spending a crap loads of cash . Is a turbosx intake ...

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    Need More Power with little cash

    undefine Ok i am looking for whp with out spending a crap loads of cash . Is a turbosx intake good and cobb access port ? and need a good exuast with dual tip keep it lookin like stock thanks beaks out

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    For bang for the buck, without removing cats get the Accessport.

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    skip intake.

    get AP.

    borla hush from daddys is the best twin tip and the cheapest price on borla around.

    youre lookin at a grand though and that exceeds "not much money"
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    Quote Originally Posted by gusto
    skip intake.

    get AP.
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    If you have a stock WRX then I say the best cheap bang for the buck would be a catless uppipe. That should only run you a couple hundred bucks if that. Next would be the rest of the exhaust.

    As everyone else said, skip the intake. You don't need it until you have a stage 4 car.

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    If you don't mind getting your hand dirty while breaking federal law and contributing to global polution problems, all the while making lots of noise:

    1. Remove your up-pipe, gut it (do a search for how-to), replace it.
    2. Get some management on the used market - check the for-sales.
    3. Buy a used stock down-pipe. Chop it. Have your local exhaust shop bend up some 2.5" piping. Weld from the chopped downpipe fitting to the stock muffler. Or, buy a used aftermarket downpipe, have said shop fit the rest together using the stock muffler.

    You are looking at over 20 kW for not a tremendous amount of money - plus potential fines etc.

    PS The stock car is not lacking power; I'd start from the wheels up for mods but that's only IMO.
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    my first mod was a Silencer Delete Elbow, not a real performance mod, but made it sound a little better.

    as you can see the stock one is ugh!!!


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