turbo and swapping it into a legacy?
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    turbo and swapping it into a legacy?

    hey guys
    i was wondering, i want to possibly get a bigger turbo on my car (07 wrx)
    and i was wondering, my buddy down the street has a subaru legacy and wants a turbo and was wondering if he could buy my turbo and fit it into his car. would my turbo fit?? i mean, they both have the boxer engine so shouldn't it work?
    also, if it would work what turbo should i get? what turbo is equivlent to the turbo on the STI and what is stronger? i know nothing about turbos and would like to learn more on how to tell how powerful they are.

    thanks for everything

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    You didn't say if your friends legacy is a turbo model or not. If so, of course it will fit, but they are very close to the same profile and I believe the Legacy actually pushes a bit more air, so there would be no sense in doing it.

    If it isn't a turbo, it would require modifications to lower the compression, a new manifold, ECM, etc...pretty extensive. There are kits out there to boost a NA subaru block, you'll just have to google it.

    The STi is the largest of the stock turbos (VF39). I believe the Legacy is next with a VF40. I don't remember what the WRX carries these days. Again...search is your friend.

    A common swap on a WRX is a VF39 from the STi, along with the TMIC and intake manifold...this will give you basically the same HP as an STi. Stage 2 upgrade (EMS + catted TBE) will give you close to or over 300 AWHP.

    Mods...might want to move this to the engine performance forum.
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    thanks alot!
    yea sorry i didn't know exactly where to put this so i figured im new, newbie places:-D
    thanks man

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    There's no point in putting a TD04-13G into a LGT. The VF40 has more power. If anything you both could benefit (cheaply too) in getting a VF39 from an STi.

    Also, in order for the LGT to use a turbo besides the VF40 he will need a new manifold and such b/c the LGT's turbo inlet is pointing at a different angle than the WRX/STi's.
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