Looking to get a rex within a few months.
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    Looking to get a rex within a few months.

    hey everyone. I have spent a significant amount of time researching the wrx and all its common faults and various peoples opinions. I plan on purchasing one shortly if i get my new job tommorow. I will be looking for a used 02-03 because yes I love the bug eyed look. I just wanted to know peoples opinions about modifying them and just abusing and DD'ing them. I come from the world of honda from a 92 H22a1 swapped prelude Si. Now I know that a stock 02 rex will probably be about the same speed or a bit slower stock. I ran a 14.4 1/4 mile with I/h/E. I have always loved the WRX and subaru and am looking ot make the switch. I plan on heading to about 280whp area down the road.

    My questions are what is a good way to deal with the dealership, any negotiation tricks? What are some things, (links?) that I should check for, Like I could make a list of common issues to look at when buying a used prelude. How well do the trannys hold up from say, maybe 2 rough launches a week.

    Can't wait to join the family!

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    Greetings and welcome!

    "Can't wait to join the family!" You have already joined our family.

    My last car was a 2000 Prelude.

    Here is the Car Purchasing Forum - a good start: http://www.clubwrx.net/forums/car-purchasing-forum/

    Check out http://www.edmunds.com/ and http://www.kbb.com/
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    My first car was a 2000 civic ex sedan. It was slow, but I learned how to drive the hell out of it. I could keep up with my friends mustang and a firebird. I got a 2006 wrx a few weeks ago and I have found that there is not a single thing that I dont love!

    Hopefully you get a new car, because it is a wonderful feeling. As far as the 02-03 bugeye, whatever, "Different Strokes for different folks!"

    I couldnt help you with the car buying thing, but I was specifically told by the manager of my dealership that he could get me my car for invoice. We ended up walking out with it for only 200$ more than that!

    Good Luck!
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