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and welcome to The Club!!!!

+1 for pics of your STI!

Also, to clear up a few things:
  • Recommended break-in is 1000 miles. Stay under 3000rpms, don't floor it, vary your rpms and try to not use cruise control.
  • After the break-in, get an oil change and then again at 3,000 miles. You mentioned you may not be able to do the first oil change until 1700 miles. Well do it as soon as possible, and just be cautious.
  • What you paid is your business, as there are so many variables that go into the cost of a car. So if I were you I wouldn't play the whole 'she paid, he paid' game.
  • And lastly, enjoy your freakin' sweet subie!!!!!!

Oh F**k!!! I broke that first rule! I have only 900miles now and I have floored it, bounced it on rev limiter (only 2 times on accident) and with only 300 miles, I took it 90 miles north to show my friends back home with cruise on!