Congratulations on your upcoming new car!!!

I got your MySpace message, but can't reply to you since I need to know your email address or last name.

My car was $34,1XX before tax/tags (for the life of me, I can't remember right now...need coffee), etc. and it ended up at $36,765 when it was all said and done. (this price includes the short throw shifter which cost $451)

(Someone please correct me if I'm wrong or incomplete)

The difference in HP ratings (mind you, I really am learning as I go, so I don't really know much): the new rating is the SAE rating, not the rating we're used to. The Limited still has the same engine as the 06 (300hp) but because of the new way HP is calculated, the working number is reduced. There's no difference between the 06 and Limited engines.

Hope this helps.