Hi all,

I know that Subies makes a lot of funny noises, but this noise that I am hearing is definitely bothering me. The noise seems to be coming from the rear struts. It's sounds more like a shifting noise than anything else. I currently have a rear strut tower installed, and I had my mechanic check it out before. He removed the strut and everything looked fine. When my mechanic reinstalled my strut, the noise actually went away for 3 weeks. But now it is back, and on both left and right sides. I am not sure if it is me, but it seems like I can actually feel the shifting. I had my mechanic remove both rear struts, and the noise was gone. a few weeks later, it came back.

Anyone have any insight or ideas on what this could be. I highly doubt that the there is noise just because I have a strut tower. I had the strut tower installed for a year now and the noise just appeared like 3 months ago. Just incase someone asks, I did torque down the bolts to the suggest pressure. But please correct me if I am wrong, I torqued it down to 14.5 lbf. This is what was said to be the pressure in the maintenance manual.

Thanks everyone in advance...