I think that I'm going to buy an 02 WRX for streetabilety. as ricey as this is I opted to get an 86 and drop the high-rev unit into it. I'm looking slightly at the TT also, because it's an AWD platform that can make hella power and you never see any around. It would be one of those shocking things. stock looking TT with 350+awhp. But, I like boxers like I like rotaries. If I do get a WRX I'm writing up my mod list.

Whiteline sways (size TBD) 27/24? or maybe 27/22?
endlinks and mounts for sways ?on the whiteline heacy duty rear mount
TEIN flex's and EDFC /w pillowball mounts
undecided on STB's, but front and back
like I do with all my cars, full poly-urethane suspension bushings.
the steering rack bushings
I've seen this STI full pillowball rear link set. I like that
whiteline diff bushings
whiteline anti-lift kit

I like the Advan TC-II 17x8.5 but I don't like spending that much money on wheels. my car has a set I got from sears and then did a home shotty powdercoat on for my track tires. This car is street first though. I also don't know if that would fit in the stock well. I should look up how wide I can go.

My next problem is the whole 5speed thing. For a while in my track car before it got trackatized I was running my 5speed RA gears with the stock 6th gear. helped with milage. What do you guys say about updating a WRX tranny in comparison to buying an STI? It still needs an aftermarket clutch and lightweight flywheel. But I like 6 gears with the first five RA.I'd like some input on this one.

What would I do to the engine? Cobb TBE and their tuner. This is a car to drive around town and track for fun if/when my 86 can't make it. knock on wood but it'll happen more than once.

I think this is where I get flamed for being as lame as possible under the hood.

All this is cheaper than buying an 05 black STi. If I wanted the car to be race now I'd get the STi, but I don't.