GP Moto Stage III Upgrade includes the following and claims to increase HP from 227 to 300:

Unichip Engine Management $1000
Short Ram Intake $178
Turbo Back Exhaust $1135
4-2-1 Equal lenght header $800

Total cost $3000
__________________________________________________ _______________________

I'll get this too if I need to, but need opinions before swapping out brand new factory parts. If it wont give me much more HP then I might now need it, as I'm most likely getting the Stage III anyway. Opinions please.

Injen up pipe and down pipe $379 + $249

Injen Intercooler $1088

High flow Intake Elbow $45
Cell Boss $30

Silicone Turbo Inlet hose $220
Silicone MAF hose $50

Intercooler hose kit $ (fiberglass reinforced silicone) $120
Blow off valve $155

Total Cost $2000
Grand total cost $5000. Is it worth it, or should I just get the GP Moto stage III.

I would like as many opinions on this as possible please before I go and drop $5K on it.
I will most likely just get the Stage III first, and then in time to come get the rest.

If I do drop $5k into it, how much HP will it yield, and will it be a wise thing to do?

I have deep pockets (for now), but cost is always an issue for me.

A GP motto

Stage I yields an additional 30 hp
Stage II yields an additional 45hp
Stage III yields an additional 70 hp for a total of 300 hp, which is what im looking for.

Stage III + additional items listed = ? HP

Is GP Motto a comparable brand to COBB?

Can all of this go on an automatic tranny?

I can tell this thread is gonna be a long one.

Thank you all in advance.