Hello all. Newbie here. Name is josh and I live in the suberbs of atlanta, GA. Use to live in upstate NY.I went to a tech school in NY for computer repair but it didnt get me far (long story). Moved here 2 yrs ago and went back to school to get a real education and just graduated with a degree in network systems administrator and computer repair. Been almost 2 yrs since I started school here and a lot of hard work but it was worth it. Im now finishing up my A+ test (software part on thursday) and then will be looking for a job in computer repair. I love computers, outdoor activities, cooking, hanging out with friends having fun, meeting new people, learning as much as I can, reading, cars, computers. I love 70s and 80s music (its the best!!) Currently single and looking for the right one. I drive a 2006 toyota corolla LE bought brand new in nov 05 has almost 15K miles on it now. Good rock solid, reliable car with no problems at all yet. I got the 4 speed automatic almost fully loaded. Moved up from a 2001 dodge neon 5 speed which only lasted 50K miles, repairs every month before then. the corolla is my first automatic car and loving it. Got auto cause of a lot of atlanta traffic when i was going to school (1 hr away from where I live now) and just wanted a change. Looking to get a subaru 5 or 6 speed manual when the corolla is paid off. Might be interested in getting one even before the corolla is paid off. Here are some pics of my car:

I am excited to be learning more about subarus and owning one in the future.

Look for videos of my corolla soon.