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This black beauty is 5 days old and I think I'm in love. I'll list the options first

cold weather package (I'm in NY)
Stick (why do they make an automatic ?)

I wanted the sport package but I couldn't find one nearby so I decided to just wait to upgrade the tires. If anyone is wondering why I went the saab route, my fathers a saab salesman so I got the employee price and the 4000 incentive SAAB is offering right now.

I'll be looking over the modding forum and such in the near future and learning a bit more, but I've been lurking here for a few weeks before I made my purchase. Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself.

I'm living in white plains, ny currently so if anyone know about an autocrossing in westchester, ct, or nj lemme know
+1 for employee prices

I live in Pleasantville and one of my best friends lives in White Plains. You go to the bars there a lot?