How I got my wrx.
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    How I got my wrx.

    I'm bored so I'll explain how I got a wrx. When I was 18, I was driving around a used '88 Acura Legend coupe 5mt. I enjoyed driving it but it started having problems that I didn't want to deal with, so I mentioned and considered trading that car for a newer civic for reliability and practical reasons. I just needed something reliable to get me to and from school. My dad knew that I liked the wrx. Just a car that I admired--that I put on my computer desktop...that kind of thing. But I never really thought of getting it. Know what I mean? I was more worried about how to pay for college. However, my dad liked it he suddenly decided that we should get one (his mid-late life crisis). I went along with it. Haha, who cared what mom said. LOL. Although I knew it probably wasn't a great idea considering how young I am and insurance etc, but how could I refuse having a wrx at home???

    I did all the research online and worked to save up some extra money. From the money that I'd saved thinking I'd get a civic, I had a total of $8000. Dropped all that on the down payment, and rolled home with Dad in a wrx. So much for college savings...

    I just feel pretty damn lucky to be such a young guy driving such a nice car. Too bad I'm off at college now. However, my mom calls it "Eric's car" since she has trouble rationalizing my dad's 60 year old face in a young man's car. Dad: "Ehh, just wear my sunglasses and throw on a cap...who'll know?" LOL. It's now my dad's weekend toy. Guess that 60 year old still has some 'kid' in him.


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    i got my 04 when i was 19 using army money. worked out in the long run, but im sellin it in june, kosovo coming up!

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    Cool story man. It's money well-spent in my book.

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    <--- Robert

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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