i have a question about my 06 wrx. i recently installed a catless downpipe on my wrx the only other things that are done to my car are tein coilovers and a greddy exhaust catback. i do not have a tune and am a little worried about boost creep and some other problems that could occur because i am running a catless downpipe with no tune. now i plan on buying a cobb accessport when i get paid in 2 weeks but my question is, will i be able to drive around for two weeks without causing major damage to my car. i had already installed the downpipe and about 3 days later (yesterday) and i have gotten a check engine light and flashing cruise light. i have not had a chance to use my buddys code reader but through my research i have found out this is generally a emissions related code and is not normally a big deal, except about three min after my cel came on i noticed a burning smell and noticed a little bit of smoke coming through my ac. i have narrowed this down to poor downpipe fitment thus casuing my ac outlet? to burn on the downpipe, i believe this was the cause of the smoke. the smoke has not happended since last night and about 20 miles of driving. basically i dont have money for a accessport right now and am too lazy to switch it back to stock, will i be fine for 2 weeks or do i need to take it off until i get a tune or accesssport. thANKS FOR your time guys i hope i left you with enough info