WRC 15 CEL, Engine Code P0606
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    WRC 15 CEL, Engine Code P0606

    Dear WRXers:

    Started to pull away from stop sign last week and had no acceleration in first gear. Pulled over, restarted engine, CEL came on. Couldn't get car into shop until today. CEL cleared in about 10 ignitions after initial, but acceleration seems limited. First gear used to get me easily to 30, and felt like it was pulling away. Now, engine seems to max out at 20, without the prior acceleration.

    Engine code read from dealer is P0606, they called techline who advised clearing the code and then road testing. They did this, but I don't believe they have ever driven a WRX15 before. So, it drives, it accelerates...but it isn't the same vehicle. Subaru said...if code returns then we could flash ecm. But, we don't yet have a permanent reflash. In addition...I'm in a small community and they say no subaru emc options for another month given travel schedule.

    So...few targeted questions:

    1) Does the engine code given anyone insight into what is happening?
    2) I'm not wrong in insisting that given the drive isn't the same the car still needs repair.
    3) Other thoughts?


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    holy crap. ok there is a massive amount of info on nasioc about this. quick trip to google and wham. i just read way more than i needed to. might check it out. i would still insist to the dealer that something isnt right. you drive your car all the time. they just get in it long enough to fix it. you know your car(wrx/sti owners especially) better than they do. i read about a lot of ecm's being reflashed/replace already with some luck.

    im kinda glad i drive a 02 now all of a sudden......
    when my friends come up, i hear, "you sold the camarrrroooh.....HOLY BLEEP A WRX!"
    Ya has that effect on me too.

    Where did he go?? http://www.clubwrx.net/forums/builds...ll-thread.html

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    yeah is it just me or are the 15's seeming to have a few more issues than the past gens? granted new model new issues but still!

    I agree I would make sure you find a dealer that is willing to fix the issue instead of just clearing it for a fix.

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    I seem to be hearing alot of problems with the CVT here in town with it randomly turning off and seeming like it has less power. Hopefully they figure it out.
    2013 Subaru STI

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