Hey all! Just wanted to get my first post on, get some questions answered and get involved in the community First of all, about my baby Its a 2002 WRX wagon I think its a GD but I'm new so I'm not 100% sure what exact model you would call it. It has 308k on it but was rebuilt at about 180k so she is a bit used but well taken care of. I have had a couple issues with it but so far I've been able to fix them myself. The radiator intake hose blew a hole and spit coolant everywhere. When I took it into Super Roopair they said it was the radiator so I got a Mishimoto one since it was better and the same price as the eom model. Started to put it together just to find out it was a $20 F#$%ing hose! At least my operating temp is lower now and the Mishimoto radiator looks t!ts and it has a lifetime warranty! I am currently having and issue with a warm start. I believe its an issue with the Mass air intake sensor, I took it apart and it was covered in dirt and there was a leaf jammed up in it. So I cleaned it up and I'm still having some issues but not nearly as bad... I have already checked the fuel system and everything seems to be fine there and had been recently replaced like they were experiencing this issue before I purchased the car. I'm set on the fact it is an air ratio issue since I disconnect the sensor and she fires up right away with no issue. I might need to get the actual cleaner for the sensor and maybe make sure the air system and filter is clean... Or just buy a whole new system in general with a new sensor.. I would like to have a cold air intake, mainly for sound and colder is better for these types of cars since they run so hot.. Anything I can do to cool, the better I feel. But then again idk I'm a newbie! I got the mod bug like crazy and there is just so much I want to do with so little time and money lol so some good suggestions for decently simple mods like exhaust, coi or cob, brakes/calipers and good brands to go with..

I would also like to know good places to get quality parts that are reputable. Just like good vendors and websites that you guys like to order from. I recently just ordered some Rally-Tech.com mud flaps, I know nothing about the company but they look like they make some quality stuff. I would like some input about them since you guys are in a better position to confirm or disconfirm their quality of goods. Also, I live in the Colorado Thornton/Boulder area and I would like to know if there is a good tune/performance shop in town that knows what they are doing but doesn't rape on pricing..

And Any good maintenance tips, general upkeep and info would be awesome And thanks for checking out my post, any help is greatly appreciated in advance!

Here she is

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