The annoying new guy! :D
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    The annoying new guy! :D

    Here it is, the dreaded new guy! I've been on multiple different forums over the years, and after all these years I have finally obtained a WRX!

    04 WRX, Cobb stage 2 tune, Invidia TBE and GS up pipe are the major mods this thing has to it. Great driving car just time to make it better!

    Now for my questions, (flame me if you wish, I can handle it.)

    I hate getting into a new type of car myself, you spend all kinds of time learning an old one and then BAM! Start from new. I'm sure I could spend hours researching, but just short on time for that stuff now. The first thing this needs is suspension. Now I understand all suspension components and such, but what are the main things that are done with these cars? I'm saying that as do they have many weak/failure points or certain components that need reinforcement? The question could go for the entire drivetrain as well. I used to love just getting every HP out of a car I could quick but without good handling, it's just not fun anymore! Good strut/spring combos? Coilovers would be nice but why? I won't be at a track everyday, i'll survive.

    I guess if there's anything good anyone else wants to tell me about these cars I'd sure appreciate! I'll be researching on all free time as well, this just helps.

    Thanks and thanks.

    (And you all thought you would be getting a short and sweet newbie intro)

    Also this can be moved to wherever if a mod sees this and deems so.

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    Welcome. Your post is too

    Drive the car for awhile, get used to it, decide what you don't like about it, report back to us and we can point you in the right direction for mods. In the meantime, read the stickies, browse the build threads.

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    welcome, this^^
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    How many miles? You may be due to upgrade the suspension anyways.

    Coilovers: generally you need to spend money to get good ones that will last. General consensus is they're good if you're going to see track duty, otherwise a good spring/strut combo will enhance but not give a real harsh ride. I'm forgetting what the good combos are for your model year but I know Konis plus various springs are usually thrown out there.

    Sway bars and endlinks are also common suspension upgrades, and a lot of people like to do custom alignments with a degree or two of negative camber.

    How/what are the tires on the car currently?
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    Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately I have no advice for you on suspension mods for your year. With that being said, Pics or it didn't happen!
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    136 rounds on the car. More than overdue for a suspension upgrade. And the tires are about the same for that matter. The drivetrain just almost feels a little sloppy as well. I've owned (and destroyed) a lot of vehicles and components due to that . It's a daily driver sorta but when I wanna play, I'm not so to say nice on it. Therefore want to make it hold up. Thanks for the advice so far. When I get a chance I'll upload a pic of the car.

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