Hey folks,

These may seem like dumb questions but this is my first turbocharged car so I figured if I'm going to look stupid its best to do it anonymously !

My 2013 WRX has about 4k miles on it now and I have noticed some changes.

The first thing is it sounds a bit more "growly" I dont know how else to describe it. Its not a big change, its very subtle but driving it every day Im certain of the change in timbre. When it was brand new it sounded more "buzzy" if that makes sense.

Also, it seems like I have to give it a touch more gas when starting from a standstill. It seems more likely to stall now. Like I said, I just give it a touch more gas and its all good.

Are these common changes after a few thousand miles and break in ? It's also been uncommonly cold here in Houston and thats made the car a bit peppier but even on the warmer days it's still the same regarding the sound.

Anyway, I figured you guys would know, any info would be great !