Hello everyone! This is my first post, but i've been lurking for a while. I used to have a 04 WRX and loved it so much...until sadly I was t-boned and regrettably my car was totalled. Since then I've been driving a 09 WRX and I just wanted to state that I do like the car, but of course it's no 04. My car payment is very close to being payed off and recently I've been considering selling my 09 and buying a 05 STi. I have no interest in the 15 model simply because I never buy anything that's new and i'm willing to bet Subaru will release a better model either 1-2 years from now. Another alternative would be to just buy aftermarket parts for my 09. I just want to hear the opinion from people who actually know what they are talking about. Thx in advance!

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