Hey what is up everyone. New to this forum here, been on a few other Subaru forums but I figured I would give this place a shot.
Well, I figured I would let you all know a little about myself so I am not a complete stranger to you all after you read this.

My name is Robbie and I am currently 23 Years Old. I live in New Jersey by the Jersey Shore area. No this does not mean I am a Fist Pumping Guido ***.
I have been interested in Cars for awhile now. Most of my friends are also Gear-Heads, so I got into Cars fairly quick once I started hanging out with them.
I don't know everything but I do know a decent amount. So if anyone I see needs help with anything, I will sure try to help! What else are friends for right?
I am kind of familiar with with ECU/Accessport knowledge. At least up to the point where I can tell if my DataLogs are okay or not.

I hope to meet some cool people here, and have fun.