After having almost died several times while riding over the course of ONE weekend I decided to pull the trigger and pick up a set of 4 wheels to entertain me and the family. Initial budget put me in a WRX, but the wife being the wonderful and wise lady she is suggested we go with the STI for fun sake. GOD I love that woman! Long story short extra funds were scraped together and there is now 09 STI parked in the garage. Original intention was for daily commute and spirited family drives on the weekends, however the wife stepped in yet again (in a good way) and suggested I take it to Crawford Performance and make it even more lively. Would somebody please tell this woman to stop before she finds less presents under the tree than last year. If you happen to live in SD county (preferably north) feel free to hit me back on here and we'll see what's up. I really need a quick rundown of the do's and don'ts and any other pertinent info regarding these cars. Thanks all