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I agree, I took the Charger SRT8 to Tail of the Dragon last month. It was fun but it was like wrestling a bear! It was heavy and you never new when it was going to bite your head off!

Both cars are in the driveway now so I'll be able to continue to contrast them but since the alignment is fixed on the STI it drives really nice. I was trying to figure out a way to describe the contrast between the two rides and I came up with this.

The SRT8 is like a Machete and the STI is like a surgeons scalpel!

Enjoy the RIDE!
Yeah they really are two entirely different beasts. They both have their positives and negatives but from a pure driving experience, the STi with its six speed manual transmission, lower relative weight, AWD, and relatively tight tunes suspension is the far more fun driver experience. IMHO the SRT8 looks really really cool, is comfortable as heck for a family of four (like mine) and with practically immediate on demand torque that makes merging into traffic a breeze is nice but from me much of the fun wore off after a fashion.. especially again on anything that wasn't clean dry straight pavement.

I live north of ATL in the Dawson/Forsyth area and while i still have traffic, I don't typically wrestle with the worst of atl traffic. If I had to commute in to the city daily, you don't get to enjoy the six speed much.