Perfect shift into 2nd makes 3rd a good boy?
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This is a discussion on Perfect shift into 2nd makes 3rd a good boy? within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; @10k with my wrx13 and I'm noticing something very percular. So, as you all know 1st 2nd are as delicate ...

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    Perfect shift into 2nd makes 3rd a good boy?

    @10k with my wrx13 and I'm noticing something very percular.

    So, as you all know 1st 2nd are as delicate as the prettiest little clamshell anyone has ever seen.

    The littlest bit of too much gas or too much clutch will lead to a chug or clutch whine.

    Even after 10k I can't do it perfect. However.. I noticed letting the clutch out perfectly slow into 2nd causes 3rd to magically BLAST into place... Like crazy fast weightless shifter boooommm slide. Unlike any other gear by far.

    However, if I hesitate on the gas going into 2nd. The next shift into third will be more notchy and resistant. (Which I've grown accustom to.)

    At first I thought this was the right way to shift, except one time 3rd decided to NOT engage even when the clutch was OUT and the shifter was in 3rd!! To paint the picture better...

    1 shifter in 3rd
    2 no feet on the clutch
    3 slight pressure on the gas
    4 RPMS at 1,100
    5 we ain't accelerating

    So I freaked out and got that beast towed to a subie dealership.

    Couldn't re-create it and hasn't had a problem since. ( it was winter and I had been driving it for three hours)

    My only thing that keeps me sane on this subject is that I can buy a new one cash right now if I want.. Still sucks if something is actually damaged. Oh yes, and my warranty is void cause I hit a deer! ( only thing damaged was a ding on the hood, but I claimed it so subaru found out) and ( i was in neutral when the deer flew so no stress on the gear)

    So my main question is.. If you do a perfect gear-in to 2nd will third be magical?

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    My shifts are like snowflakes, no two the same. Never experienced either of your issues.

    Warranty void over a deer seems a bit of a stretch but it is their party.
    Not as many parts left over this time... what am I missing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackOnBlack View Post
    4 RPMS at 1,100
    5 we ain't accelerating
    At unless you're in first at 1100 of course not.
    What are you shifting at 2000 rpms??

    Posted from a fone.

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    yeah 1100 rpms seems pretty darn low. i shift around 2500 rpms and that will kick the next gear in around 2000
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    shifting to 2nd in 1100 rpm!!!! idel is around 700 rpm and some guys has set up tp 900 so shifting in 1100 is basicaly u r starting in 2nd gear

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    So hitting a dear voids your warranty?

    1st and second gear will have a slight whine to them because they are cut differently to make them tougher. Also if you are shifting at 1.1k RPMs and wondering why your car does not accelerate that is because you are completely below your power band. shift at 3k RPMs so the next gear drops down to 2k + RPMS.
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