Well I have posted here a few times letting everyone know that I was in the market for a new WRX and I was having trouble with color choice. I did test drive the WRX and there was something about it I didn't like. Some asked what I didn't like about it and I never answered them as I was hunting down a new car. There was just something I didnt like about this current designed WRX and the color choices. As I was using 2 dealers for pricing one told me about a new body change coming. I asked for info and one dealer here in NY told me the GM of the dealership will be running part of the NY Auto show and he would get me info. As usual I got no info. So I went out and purchased a 2013 Hyundai Veloster in Limited Matte Gray paint 3 weeks ago. A couple days ago I log onto the web and BAMMM! the new concept WRX staring me in the face. Now I kick myself, screaming at the computer and my wife says, "Let's not start this again!". I'm no stranger for selling new cars within 6 months of purchase and know what you lose as soon as you drive it off the lot. Everybody in the Firehouse here in NY always asks me to purchase a certain car they like knowing I will probably get rid of it and they will buy it and and save money. So................ as soon as I saw that concept and this video...Subaru WRX Concept - 2013 New York Auto Show - YouTube

I knew I made a snap judgement and the wrong decision. So much so I had to get rid of this car ASAP as to save monthly payments and wait out this new design. Here's my crazy part. I just re-sold my new 13 to the dealer today within 3 weeks and lost close to $8,000. I am now at least payment free and can wait out this new WRX. I know, I know this is nuts. And to be honest I just refinanced my home for a better rate and got around $8,000 back so I call it money that I never had anyway. Or at least that's the way I have to look at it. SO, I now wait this new WRX as i have owned a new 2005 before and loved it. I am crazy, I know. But I love cars!