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It took me over a year to find my car and i spent months working on it after i bought it. Dont give up. There's only one, two, or maybe three wrx/sti imprezas for sale in my city at any given time. If buying used just be patient, dont get anything you doubt you want for even a second.
One problem I've been having with used cars is financing. New car dealers are more flexible on loans when buying brand new. The used wrx and sti cars I'm finding are a bit pricey and require a quite large private loan. My credit is low, thanks to my college years of idiotic spending. So it's been kinda hard landing a 20k loan for a 25 or 26k wrx.

I do have a Harley that I'm considering selling to add another 6 or 7k to my down payment, but I don't know if I wanna part with it just yet lol. I would feel kinda dorky following my bike riding buddies around in a subie! :facepalm:

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