finally got my first subaru, its a 96 legacy gt wagon, 5 speed twin turbo,
Was completely stock when i bought it a month or so ago, now has afew slight mods such as retro fitted v6 STI topmount,blitz bov, manual boost controller, 3inch turbo back exhausts,exedy 5 puk clutch, etc etc.

Now iv been told that subaru use a fuel cut to keep from over boosting? Im hoping this is true as im relying on that to keep me safe whilst
im tinkering with boost levels,
It was running a mere 5psi at full load before tapering off when i first installed the boost gauge, now with the help of a boost bleed valve its running between 11psi at half load and 15psi at full load in 5th gear but it has the slightst fuel surge/starvation or hesitation in 1st gear only.
Can anyone tell me if this is a safe boost level to be running with no supporting mods bar the sti top mount and exhaust system? Im running it on 98 octane