My friend has a 2006 STI, and his rear differential light comes on for a few minutes, not flickering, .. and then goes off again. Yesterday it came on for about 15 minutes. Park the car and take it out hours later and the light is off. Next day no light, then in the middle of driving it comes on. Also the ABS light is doing the same thing, off and on different days not flickering. He does need to change the differential fluid however he did clean the sensor off put it back on and still throws the light. After taking a short ride he felt the differential when the light came on and the differential was warm not hot, so if the light says its overheating but its really not overheating, what is going on, and why is ABS light on and off. Ive seen other posts with diff light coming on but they say the light flickers, his light is steady for minutes at a time and then goes off. Any ideas