Hello all i ahve been lurking for a good while and really thinking of getting a wrx instead of an fj cruiser due to mpg. I have always liked the wrx due to that subie rumble lol. i just never really thought i would be looking into owning one. for the last 6 months i ahve been looking into getting a second car. i ahve a little toyota pickup i have set up for the desert. it is still a good dd but it barely sqeaks by with 20mp(1 passenger moderate hills and keeping it around 60mph 100hp of fury!) best and for a lifted 4 banger truck its good but i want better. was thinking of the subie that if driven normal it could easily get 25mpg or better. i dont drive too much i ride sahre for work but i do want a car that is capable of getting better hwy mpg for longer trips. i refuse to get a econo box and still make payments on it and not be happy with it. how are most of you guys doing mpg wise on stock 2.5L wrx? also waht kind of maintenance would i need to do on it? besides routine maintenance. how much are timing belt jobs? How reliable are wrx's? i really dont want to have a car i cant rely on. thats why im buying a new car lol. so can you guys school me on the wrx's becau=se i would want to learn as much as i can before i go buy one. thank you sorry for the long winded post lol.