Hello all,

I'm looking at possibly getting a 2013 STI. Of course I'm also looking at the new EVO GSR.
Now I know you guys are going to be partial to the STI. Which of course I don't blame that at all.
The Subaru is hands down nicer on the inside. The outside just matters on the person. I think both look
good. I am however a track guy and also do some time trials. I drove a friends 2011 STI. Seems comfy
and pretty quick. I test drove a EVO GSR yesterday. And I really like how you can feel the road. But on the
EVO forums I found this

"This list is just some of the things that we as X owners should know. This way we dont have to clutter sections up with the same threads all the time. I will update this thread as much as needed to keep everyone posted with the latest info. Please PM me if I have left anything out.

-Change your stock Fuel Pump relay to the blue/green one
-Make sure your Fuel Pressure Regulator hose is connected and zip tied
-Have the latest factory reflash
-Stay up-to-date on factory recalls..ie..fuel pipe and hood release cable
-Stock clutch blows (dont care what any of you non-drivin fools say)
-Factory BOV and LICP are good for stock turbo applications
-GSR owners check your seats for tears along the seams
-Stock tune is rich (Causes black smoke on acceleration)
-Stock Master Cylinder is prone to failure - SSP & Magnus make replacements (AMS ring will allow you to limp home or somewhere close for towing)
-Differential Pins have failed - (Due to lubrication issues, just changing pins does not fix issue) Hit up JacksTransmissions for a good fix.
-Factory paint is thin and chips real easy
-Aggressive turning on less than 1/2 tank may cause fuel starvation issues
-Left handed turns causing fuel surge when tracking
-The stock Panasonic battery tends to have a short life span--Dealer will warranty if it dies
-Factory alignment is horrible--should consider getting alignment done soon after purchase
-If you run an aftermarket blow off valve, venting to atmosphere causes problems without a tune. This car likes recirculating BOVs
-If your service required light kicks on showing your wheels and your asc is off check your rear diff fluid in the trunk
-Your car has to be off to adjust the settings for your service intervals.
-Make sure to check your stock spark plugs regularly. Many have had the ceramic tips broken off(This is due to running lean; see fuel relay / FPR hose)
-Only 1 set of TPMS sensors can be married to a car at a time and must be done by stealership. (No way of turning TPMS off)
-If you have a short ram intake, turning the A/C on with cause irradic idle when the fans turn on. Its a real good idea to get a shield to block the air from the fans.

See this thread for suggestions:

What really gets my attention is "Aggressive turning on less than 1/2 tank may cause fuel starvation issues"
and also "Master Cylinder is prone to failure" and also "Left handed turns causing fuel surge when tracking"
and last "Differential Pins have failed".

I have been reading over you guys site, and does the new STI's have any known issues right out of the box, and any issues
when it comes to tracking them. I do road courses only. No drag strip stuff.

Thanks for any info.