Been a long time browser but never posted. Have a 2011 wrx with a few added parts to make it a little faster. Bought the car used with 10k miles on it. Now at 13k miles I have a puff of smoke at start up, slight smoke out of oil fill cap, and takes extended time to turn over. Had the dealer I bought the car do a Compression and leak down test and they got 125, 125, 130, 130 cold compression, and supposedly 25%, 25%, 28%, 28% on the leakdown test. According to that mechanic anything leak down wise that was within 10%-15% of each other means the engine is healthy. I've read in many locations that Subaru suggests replacement of the block if its above 10%. Is there any place I can get this printed, in writing, etc? I'm having another leak down test done this upcoming Wednesday and if I do have the dead piston ring that I'm suspecting, I need to have something to prove it's beyond what Subaru says is OK.