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    New Member, 2005 wrx

    Hi new to subaru and this sight, I have a totally stock 2005 wrx, have been reading a couple posts and have decided to start with putting on an up pipe, down pipe and getting an accessport tuner, I cant afford to get them all at once, so I was going to get the up pipe first because I heard the cat in it can come appart and I really dont want to buy a new turbo, the only thing I am not sure about is I read that because the up pipe has an o2 sensor in it it will turn the check engine light on and the accessport can fix that so should I get the accessport first, but if I do is it going to do anything with a stock motor, any help would be awesome, thanks

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    Welcome and congrats. It seems you have done your research; that's refreshing for a change. The UP is a great place to start. The only downfall to not doing everything at once is that you will have to unbolt and drop your downpipe twice. The DP is a simple install, though, so no worries

    The UP does not have an O2 sensor (this is in the header portion of the exhaust). To what you're referring is the EGT sensor. The sensor is only used to monitor the health of the UP cat, so it's harmless to remove. You will throw a CEL, but this can be fixed with the 2.2Kohm resistor fix (google this) which costs roughly $0.50 and takes approx. 2 minutes.
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    Awesome, thanks for the help, I did the up pipe last night, and will be ordering the down pipe within the week, really appreciate the info

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