Whats up! I can't lie, I am overly excited about my car. Just picked up a silver 2007 WRX TR about a month ago and I LOVE IT! Hahaha! I bought it from a lexus dealership that got it for a trade in. Did the car fax and it only had one previous owner with no accident history. I got in touch with the previous owner and he talked about how sad he was he had to trade it in (he got married and was having a baby, wife made him trade it) but anyways, he lowered it an inch and a half, put a full exhaust system on it, tinted her out, and had chipped her out but that had to be removed by the dealership for it to pass smog. I was pissed. Haha, but all in all it sounds AMAZING and handles like a dream. Ive name this beautiful beast Isabella and she destroys everything I have come across so far. If anybody is in the Bay Area let me know and we should meet up. Im lookin for more scoobys to ride with hahaha Team WRX all the way!