Hi everyone! I just thought I'd introduce myself. I just purchased a 2010 WRX Limited sedan last week and I'm loving it so far. So far I've taken it on a trip across state for work (I'm a geologist) and have driven around town in it quite a bit. It's quite the amazing machine.

Before I had owned a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon V6 for 7 years. I loved my Tiburon, but I can already tell things between my WRX and I are going to work out well.

I've read up the advice on how to not get on the boost until your engine is warm and that dropping the clutch is bad. Any other advice people might have for someone driving in a desert climate? It's about 100F here in the summer and snowy and 0F in the winter, haha.

Does the WRX work well in the snow? (kind of hoping it does, it was a large draw to this car over say a GTI or Genesis)

Also, I believe in the manual it says I should use 91 octane. At high elevation, due to air lower pressure, most premium cars run on 91 (gas stations here don't even sell 93), so would I be safe in using 88, which is considered mid-grade in Utah/Colorado/high elevation places, on my WRX or should I stick with the 91, which is like our 93?