ok, this is my daily driver so i dont have the money to be throwing down for new tires all year long with camber issues. what im looking to do is lower it just a bit to give it a more steetable and desirable look, and id like to put a set of 18's on it. ive looked through what seams to be a million wheel/tire/suspension posts and cant find a clear answer. what combo wheel tire size with lowering combo should i run? looking for lower it maybe 1.5 inches, so what size tire does that leave me? what offset on the rim? and who makes a GOOD spring for what im looking for, and please dont say tien, ive read enought o know they will never go on my car. any help would be GREAT here, PICS WOULD EVEN BE BETTER. i appreciate the help so much, this site has already saved me many times, hope on not puching my luck trying to get 1 more. THANX!!