usa built wrx?
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This is a discussion on usa built wrx? within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; just wondering why aren't any of the wrx's built in the USA? i was just curious. it think it would ...

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    usa built wrx?

    just wondering why aren't any of the wrx's built in the USA? i was just curious. it think it would help the shortage.

    btw, i was told from a salesman that a subaru plant can be converted to make camry's since toyota owns some of subaru.

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    Camrys would be a more sensible choice, they are great cars.

    Subaru have chosen to make other models locally, not the Impreza. I don't know why.
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    Subaru makes all Impreza and Forester models in Gunma, Japan. It would be difficult to start stamping out Impreza's in the Indiana plant, even though quite a few of the parts could be taken from the Legacy line.

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    my guess would be that the subaru plant in indiana can only make a limited amount of vehicles. So it would be smarter for them to make outbacks and legacys. The higher demanded cars. They dont sell many wrxs.
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    Mine was built in the USA

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    It wouldn't really make a difference if it was assembled in NA as most of the parts are still coming from Japan.

    Any plant can be converted to make anything else, its just a question of how much time and money it would take to do it.

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