I just purchased my first Subaru! Its an 04 WRX with 82000 miles, got it for 11,500. The previous owner did the full STI appearance upgrade (bumpers, side skirts, seats, shifter, no dash or steering wheel though) and several engine mods. I am not sure what the turbo is and was wondering how to figure it out. He had told me it used to be a 300 now it is a 400? this didnt make sense to me but my overall knowledge is lacking. I know its larger than factory (has the original in the trunk). From what knowledge i have i can tell it has a turbo back exhaust, perrin hoses, a uni chip tuner (i know its not a cobb)? BOV, larger fuel pump and injectors. Now im new to turbos as my last car was a 2008 civic SI (which i traded for my fiances 2010 mustang) and am not sure how to tell if i have a turbo timer or what exactly they do?