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This is a discussion on Hey guys... this sound right/legit? within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Nothing in this thread necessitates replacing the stock valve. If you really want a BOV go for it, it's your ...

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    Nothing in this thread necessitates replacing the stock valve. If you really want a BOV go for it, it's your time and money.
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    Lets try this.
    Aftermarket BOV Pros:
    • They make that woosh noise between shifts
    • Can hold more boost than the stock BPV, but an aftermarket BPV is a better choice.

    Aftermarket BOV Cons:
    • Make the car run rich during shifts
    • Must be oiled to work properly (check the manufacture for schedule, some are more finicky than others)
    • Does not add HP/TQ

    At 20ish+ PSI, the stock BPV doesn't work as well as it does at 18 and lower psi. However, the stock turbo will not produce 20psi. Also, most larger turbos that can produce 20+PSI are typically tuned back to have a more linear torque curve and to save the engines reliability.

    Bottom Line: They only make noise, and make the car run rich during shifts.

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    I am not sure where the fixation with BOV's comes from, but I can tell you that its a complete waste of time and money. The stock BPV is all you need unless you are building a seriously mean motor.

    If you want a nice "woosh" in between shifts, just get a short ram intake. My 02 WRX has a real nice little "pssshhhooouuu" in between gears. All I have done to that thing is an Invidia N1 Street CBE and a SPT Intake (stock tune, its the work-horse, not the fun car). It sounds really mean!

    As everyone else said... forget about the BOV, use that money for something that actually has a positive impact on your performance.

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