Just wanted to pop in and say hi and introduce myself. No new Subie for me yet, but summer is around the corner and so is my new toy. I hadn't planned on looking at a subaru but after the hell winter we had here in new england and a friend of mine talking me into it I took a new wrx for a test drive and hot dang it's awesome. I'm not new to modding so that's kinda where this is gonna lead. A new WRX would be my 3rd turbo car. Previous to this was an 01 golf 1.8T with basic bolt ons, then a 98 audi A4 1.8T with a few different turbo upgrades. Next came the 08 Si (fun car...but 8K to get any power out of it left me kinda feeling bad for abusing my car lol). So..here I am entering the world of Boxer equipped, turbo AWD goodness. No I won't ask many stupid questions, yes I'll use the "Search" function, no I won't troll, yes I'll post pics of my gf if you ask nicely lol Hope to learn a bit here before picking up the new toy in a month or so.