Hey my name is Mikey. I've owned my 2005 sti for a year now. A month ago blew a rod through my block. I had Subaru dealer put short block fully assembled. Turbo. All vacuum lines etc etc. Spent over 12k in parts alone. The car is now fully rebuilt from the engine clutch. Even axles from driveshaft shop. The car has alot of mods. Cobb turboback. Pro drive cai.aps bov. Cobb pulleys n crank pulley. Cobb access port. Cobb suspension bars and springs. Etc etc. I will make my profile with pics and mods later. But before the car blew. It had this same issue that its having now. It boosts low. Its like you floor it and it spools and stops at some point and just doesent fully boost. Its a considerable power loss. But if I reset Ecu it'll boost full again for only two or three pulls. Then it'll sometimes all of a sudden kick in. If I put it in a high gear where I can keep the boost constant it'll all of a sudden get power back and boost fully and pull damn hard. You can feel it. But then goes right back to same thng. Also if it boosts fully not all the time. Sounds like a ball ina spray can noise under full boost at high rpm's near redline. Driving me nuts please help. Please email me. Mikey