i have a 2004 wrx sedan and my readings on the mpa gauge is 0.07 at full throttle on gears 1-3 then on gears 4 and 5 0.08-0.09. Is this correct? What should be the correct readings I recently tried to do an aftermarket uppipe but couldnt get it in time alotted. so put everything back together. before i did that the boost pressure was reading 0.09 through all gears but it sounds like the turbo would squeal rather than spool at full throttle. it doesnt make the sound anymore but my boost pressure has dropped. My 02 sensor on the exhaust manifold must have gone out too because I'm getting a heat sensor low on my scanner or something of that sort. sorry for explaining so badly but I'm at work. any help would be must appreciated. thanks

Mods list -
hks cbe
K&N drop in filter