Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself briefly. I'm Kyle, 22 years old, active duty Navy, currently stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I'm looking to really just lurk around the forums for informational threads and the like.

I've always wanted a Subaru WRX but never had the means of affording one, until now. At the advice of a mentor, I plan on getting my dream car now while I'm still single and young with no debt. I've owned a '96 Avalon and an '06 Sentra, both served their purpose, but I'm ready to do it right this time and get what I want.

I'll be back stateside in early 2012, so the new model should be available by then. Basically just patiently waiting my turn in line and hording as many paychecks as possible.

Looking forward to gaining some knowledge and making a few friends along the way, cheers.